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Ohtsu AT4000 is an all-terrain tire designed specifically for SUV’s, crossover and light trucks and with affordability in mind. Learn more in our Ohtsu AT4000 review.

AT4000 is a tougher all-season tire created for comfort and good usability. We know that when you drive your SUV, crossover or light truck you want to get the most out of it, and our goal is to help you achieve this. Tread compound is made out of unique polymers and orange oil. Combine this with twin steel belts inside and nylon cap ply and you get great durability on and off the road, puncture resistance and increased traction. Random tread blocks positions cancel noise on highways much better than you could expect. Deep dynamic grooves are wave-like, deliver extra traction and grip in all-terrain conditions.

Ohtsu AT4000 is an exceptional model for the value. Our customers share their experiences and stories, which are strongly positive. When you are wearing a set of our all-terrain tires, you could expect great on and off-road driving experience. On highways the traction, handling and braking are exceptional, while noise is almost non-existent. When getting off-road – drive with confidence, as Ohtsu AT tires would provide you with all the durability and grip you need to overcome any obstacle.

Sizes  15" | 16" | 17" | 18" | 20"

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Taking tires from plain to amazing!

NOTE: Our warranty does not cover improperly installed product or exposure to  unauthorized chemicals.

Follow ALL directions carefully.

  • All kit materials and tires must be dry and kept in a climate no colder than 18º C or 65º F  for a minimum of 1 hr before installation.
  • Wash & scrub the tire's sidewalls with a strong degreaser and water, (no petroleum,citrus or silicon base products). We recommend (Blast Off an acid base degreaser, 50-2023) then rub dry. Repeat up to 5 applications of washing and scrubbing are required. Note: If using an acid base degreaser its important to use rubber or silicon gloves.
  • Next, scuff the surface with 80g sand paper.
  • Next, wipe-down the tire sidewall  plus the TredWear Classic SIDEWALL  with 99% isopropyl  alcohol and let air dry.

0.5 Red Line
It is not required, but often, removing the wheel from the vehicle and laying flat will aid in the 
installation. Let gravity work with you not against you. Find a line on the tire to follow with the stripe.
(Note: Thin stripes or redlines should be near the middle of the tire or closer to the rim not on the outside edge.) One inch colon/valls or greater should go right against the rim or rim protector bead. Begin gluing the stripe down by applying glue 4-6 inches at a time and smoothing down along the path you are following. Moderate the glue so that it does not squeeze out and run. Continue this process until you reach the final 6-10 inches of stripe. At that time, smooth out the remaining length without glue until reaching the other end of the stripe. Use an exact to or razor blade to trim the length perfectly to match the other side. Apply final glue and smooth the ends together.

Some kits contain a keystone graphic to cover the seam. Apply this as desired. Note: on tires greater than 22" the stripe will not meet the other side and will leave a gap. The decorative tire graphic can be used to fill that gap. "See our page on tire graphics". Check for any loose areas or areas with insufficient glue, and touch up as necessary. Glue will set in as little as 5 to10 seconds. Let tires sit for one hour at temperature for proper adhesion. After installation, a shakedown run of 16 to 32 km or 10 to20 mi at hyw speeds is needed. Check for any loose areas and do a final touch up. Our patented Rubber material will stay white for years. Scrub letters with a nylon bristle brush & Detergent. You could use Whitewall or Letter cleaner use ( All-Off  All Purpose Cleaner  With Trigger Sprayer # 45-1005 or White Letter Cleaner With Trigger Sprayer #45-1020.) 
DO NOT USE BLEACH. DO NOT USE TIRE DRESSING. It can stain the letters.

The All-Off #45-1005 it is a cleaner for your letters and sidewalls. Do not use it for the tire prep its  a silicon base product. 
The White Letter Cleaner #45-1020 is a cleaner not a degreaser.

902-650-0152 - https://tredwearcanada.ca

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"Installation was easy and I was able to do it myself. I've driven my car thousands of miles and the letters still look like new! I recommend this product to anyone who wants an easy and long lasting way to add a retro look to the tire! Will definitely buy another kit when these tires run out and I get new ones!!"

Heather Fraser